Monday, March 29, 2010

Forward March

Brixton hat and t-shirt. H&M denim leggings. Forever 21 military vest. Asos studded ankle boots.

Sometimes I'm asked if Fashion is my first and only love. In many ways it is. I enjoy writing about it, studying it and collecting inspirational photographs that draw me in both consciously and subconsciously.

I, however, have other passions that bring me just as much joy. I truly take pleasure in cooking and creating a meal that not only tantalizes my taste buds but one that is also appealing to the eye in appearance. I pull many recipes from homemade books passed down to me by both my Grandmother and Mother as well as online sites and magazines. I sometimes come up with the tastiest of concoctions just by experimenting with what is already in my fridge.

Another fervor of mine is animals. I seem to lure them with my calm and approachable air. If I could rescue every single stray and care for them I would. When I was little I used to imagine having a gigantic castle where all of these animals I would save could live. I still dream about that today, just in more realistic terms.

Over the weekend I saw this fairy tale unfold about a special friendship between a young girl and her friendship with a fox. Shot in the beautiful mountains of France, we learn how love is not about possession but simply about being there for one another. The movie is called The Fox and The Child and I highly recommend it to those who haven't already seen it.

True friendship between human and animal is extremely difficult to attain because the human will inevitably be tempted to domesticate the animal, changing its character and life, longing to own it instead of just watching, liking and meeting it.

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Ps. Congrats to the Hana Professional flat iron winner. Jennifer Fabulous.

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Can anybody help me find this in MP3? It isn't on iTunes. :( Windy Whistle by Alice Lewis

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lips Are Sealed

Vintage clutch and sequin cropped jacket, Audrey Hepburn tee, Bakers Balmain fringe boots

My Little Pony balloon

Who are your Celebrity Crushes? Spill. I want to know.

Mine are:
Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jon Rhys Meyers, Jordan Catalano, Zack Morris, Robert Buckley, Ryan Attwood, Seth Cohen, both Chuck Bass and Ed Westwick, Chase Crawford, and Matt Lanter ... just to name a few. ;)

Alex admitted that Catherine Zeta Jones is his!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Romantic Bohemian

When I first found this white eyelet dress, I knew I had to try and channel D&G S/S 2010.

Part of the fun in blogging is unearthing the perfect setting to match the mood and feel of the outfit. When Alex and I came across this spot, with hay strewn about the floor, I instantly thought about Chanel S/S 2010.

D&G and Chanel: the perfect marriage!

After careful consideration, I've come to realize what my "style" and personal preferences truly are. I tend to gravitate towards feminine, soft frilly pieces with girly skirts and prints. Native American influenced fringe, braids, feathers and turquoise also enliven me. Bohemian rings true with my aura.

Forever 21 rings, dress and suede fringe bag. H&M bow hair-clip. Minnetonka Knee-Hi boots.

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Ps. Who remembers the brick dance by Nancy Botwin?

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All That Remains

Forever 21 rings. Essie nail polish. Sweet Valley Twins book.

H&M finally opened up shop nearby! Talk about exciting! I even have a gift card to spend. I've wanted to explore their store for years now. I have a feeling my Spring looks just might be sponsored by their collections.

I'm on the hunt for: rings, dresses, skirts and pretty/frilly things.

What do YOU most want to wear this Spring?

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* Thanks for the Feature and Interview, *
&& Check out this Feature of Fashion Chalet on DISFunkshional here.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010


American Apparel Sweetheart two-toned mesh dress. Forever 21 floral skirt and ring. House of Harlow thin rose gold band.
Ilanna bow heels. Seventh Door OTK socks.

With Winter gone and Spring and Summer on their merry way, there will also be that pesky humidity to deal with. Thankfully, now I can tame it with my new Hana Professional flat iron. Works incredibly well, easy to use and offers a variety of temperature settings. Plus, it's pink! I am also going to spread the wealth and host a Hana Professional flat iron Giveaway! The Winner will receive one just like mine.

All you need to do to ENTER is:

- Include your email address along with your comment.

- For *bonus entries:
(1) Follow Misikko on Twitter.
(2) Blog about the giveaway on a personal website.
(3) Join the Misikko Newsletter. (*3 extra entries)

You can also check out the: Chi flat iron, Chi hair straightener, and Professional hair dryers.

I will announce the Winner next weekend.

Choice Spring scents: Dolce & Gabbana The One
(& my Mom's favorite!) Chance by Chanel

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inside a Moon in Paris

Finally warm enough to wear my suede Dolce & Gabbana wedges without suffering from fatal toe freeze. I've learned, since moving up North, that really high (closed toe) shoes and cold weather do not mix. They make my toes numb. :/ Is it just me?

Today marks my half-Birthday. In exactly 6 months from today is my real Birthday. What are your St. Patrick's Day (or evening) plans? I usually meet up with friends for cake, dinner and lots of laughs, which will surely ensue once childhood stories start to pop up..

Don't forget to wear some green! ;)

Dolce & Gabbana wedges. Motel body con dress. Forever 21 mesh bag and rings. Asos ribbed maxi skirt. Kirsten Kuehn Feather hair clip. Bebe leather jacket. LuShae Cross Pendant.

Thank you Cameron of Stardust and Sequins for the Proust like Questionnaire.
Check out my handwritten interview ► feature here.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunshine Bus

Alexander Wang -like top, cut offs and Monster shoes: perfect for an early March day shining as bright as she can.

Threadsence tank dress. Seventh Door black denim destroyed shorts and Jane Bib necklace. Forever 21 studded bucket bag. Jeffrey Campbell Potion boots.

Breaking to pick up new reading material: Vogue Paris, Zink, Russh, Nylon and Beastly at Barnes & Noble and then rebooting with some Caffeine.

Skinny iced Cinnamon Dolce frappuccinno from Starbucks at B&N. Just the way I like it. Alex always claims to hate coffee. Yet, when I order this he somehow manages to sip/steal at least 40% away from me... How about you? What do you like to order from Starbucks?

I've always wanted a Pink phone...

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cracked Silver

Took these in the park about a week or so ago. Was interrupted mid-shoot by a Park Ranger (in his twenties) who told us we needed a Permit to take pictures in the park? And that what I was wearing was inappropriate? As Cher Horowitz would say, "As If!" Found out later we don't even need a Permit. Who does that?

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American Apparel Salt & Pepper Hoody. Aldo beret. Cotton Pancakes lace dress. Jessica Simpson dany platforms in pewter.

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