Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cloud Watching

Have you ever fallen asleep on a blanket after a picnic at the park? I remember waking up to a bright blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. Then I would start to see funny little animals taking shape and shining through. Cloud watching can be just as fun as star gazing. I love the feeling you get as you feel yourself beginning to slip away from any previous pent up stress you may have had, feeling yourself anew, just by watching the shapes take form.

Top: Vintage. Belt: Vintage: Shorts: diy. Levi's. Heels: Aldo. Bag: vintage

Thank you "S-C" of Girl Meets NYC for the 6 quirks about you tag. I tag anyone interested!! :)

Let's see. OK. Well, for starters.... (1) I cannot feel "awake" until I actually put my contacts on. When I am wearing my glasses I still feel half asleep. Maybe it's the cold water that "wakes" me up? (2) I love ovaltine with milk for breakfast but it has to be just the right amount of milk and ovaltine, it can't be too milky or too chocolate-y, I have it down to a science. (3) I always need some kind of pillow to hug in order to fall asleep at night. I'm very picky about there not being any light either, when trying to fall asleep (or noise!) (4) I don't like walking into my room or the bathroom with shoes on. I think of germs coming off of the street. Ew. (5) I drink coffee, even at home, with a straw. (6) I always count steps when I climb, it's an odd habit.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Body con Stars!

Hey guys. Here's a little body con dress I found while shopping in my closet yet again. It's from 5.7.9. The wedges are Old Navy, and my handbag is Vintage. All jewelry is from The Icing, vintage or Forever 21. Headband from Target. Still feeling a little under the weather. :/ Hoping this outfit post cheers up a rather blue Monday...

Infinite X's and O's!
xo/ fashion chalet

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Reflection of Love

Feeling down today, it seems as if I have come down with a terrible head cold, almost flu-like in symptoms and right in the middle of our moving, too. I hate change. I don't do well with it. I'm weird that way. But I did manage to take plenty of "outfit" photo shoots in our old place, just in case, to tide me over. It may take me a while to get unpacked and settled here. But I will take your requests on any "Fall Outfit" ideas you may want to see me try out in the blog sometime in the near future. :) For now, I hope you enjoy this collage. Your comments do have a wonderful way of cheering me up! ♥

This collage incorporates everything from the 90's grunge look to the ultra feminine floral motif look of today. Balmain, Audrey Hepburn, Tallulah Morton, a touch of street chic. What's your pleasure?

xo/ fashion chalet

Photo Sources: tfs, knightcat, cobrasnake, facebook, myspace.

Friday, September 26, 2008

L'ecole girl

Visions of school girl uniform skirts, sweet satin bows, and precariously tall wedges help to move me into an autumnal mode. Apples, bluebirds and the casual cool evening breeze top off my train of thought. When it comes to short skirts, why not take the Parisian route? Monochromatic schemes sit alright with me. So, if you're beginning to feel overwhelmed by homework overtaking your desk and textbooks piled high, then the next time you crack open a book, try whistling while you work. ;)

tee: Buffalo by David Bitton, skirt: vintage, wedges: Wet Seal

Thursday, September 25, 2008

...like the Deserts miss the Rain

Julia Stegner was first discovered for her fresh faced beauty at 14 years old. Now at 24 years of age, this German model personifies grace, style and great composure under pressure. She has gone on to appear in ad campaigns for the covetable Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloé, and Valentino. She manages to secure a spot in the Victorias Secret catwalk show that airs every year during the Holidays. Known by her friends and family as being sort of a tomboy, for her love of playing basketball in high school, she also enjoys the aspect of getting all dolled up for work. I, for one, deem Julia to be a very striking and enchanting model.

Sources: supermodels.nl, imdb.com

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why So Serious?

Last weekend I met up with some of my family for a game of Bowling, hence the 1950's themed outfit and then Chinese for lunch! I managed to achieve 3 strikes in a row, right at the start of the game. Unfortunately, after that, I lost my "mojo" and my younger brother won the whole thing. For lunch I ordered my usual honey garlic chicken and steamed white rice. This place is the best "little hole in the wall" $6.50 for a lunch plate that also includes an appetizer and a bowl of soup. I go for the Crab Rangoons (a delectable treat of crab meat and cream cheese in what looks to be a fried wonton shell) every time. I eventually grew tired of the Wonton soup, so now I always opt for the egg drop. If you ask for it, they bring you their famous Oolong tea in the cutest little tea set. I love the stuff! Dessert is a fortune cookie, of course.

(faux) leather jacket: Rave, t-shirt: DIY, bandage mini: The Limited, gladiator wedges: Wet Seal, handbag: Vintage

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...a few Marvelous cravings!

From patent to studs to even suede fringe, my heart yearns for it all in black as night. I love the chic advantage one can achieve by simply dressing in black, head to toe. As effortless as painting your nails in the vamp shade to even dressing up your feet with dark patent, black is here to stay; day or night. Above is a Polyvore set of some of my current desires in this particular hue. Now if only I could have each and every single one of them..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Solestruck in my knee socks!

Grey matters. The progression of my moving has brought forth a few items I had mistakenly forgotten about within the dark depths of my closet. I came across this part mini, part body con sweater dress as I was readying myself for the move. I instantly knew I had to pair it with the gorgeous platforms that Danielle from Solestruck so lovingly sent my way. And just in time for my Birthday last week, too. Thank you!! I love them. Their supple leather and intricate design are integral and thus there is something special to be said as I cannot stop my fawning over them. Particularly comfortable, given their awesome height, they complemented the dress perfectly. My shrunken cardigan is actually one of my most prized possessions, belonging to my Mom (when she was a baby!) The knee socks? Juicy Couture.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's your Hollywood name?

Mine was........... Alexandria Beatrice Farrier

Check out this website to get your Red Carpet ready name right here.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'll let you be in my Dream, if I can be in yours...

I dream of fanciful characters, disguises and bright pops of pink. A place where bicycles, ballgowns and berets take center stage. RVCA- by Erin Wasson, showcasing their bleached and distressed denim. Anja Rubik prancing down the runway in yellow. All- making my heart sing. Valentine Fillol-Cordier flitting about in a marshmallow frothy white frock concludes this dream sequence.

Photo Sources: tfs, lecheapcestchic, cobrasnake and face hunter

I love Your Blog Award!

Thank you Nita and Lulu124 for the "I Love Your Blog" award. You are the sweetest, cutest and coolest girls in town. Thanks for keeping up with your blogs and for inspiring me so very much!! It made my day to read what you had to say about me and my blog. I love you both, too! :) I TAG EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! Why? Because I spend every morning looking at all of your blogs, they are the reason I work on mine, and the source where inspiration lives. Keep them up, you are ALL so special!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! ♥ ♥ ♥ See what they had to say here and here.

Photo Source: Flickr.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

They say it's my Birthday!

After much contemplation over which Restaurant I wanted to go to for my Birthday dinner, we all ended up at this quaint little Bistro downtown. They specialized in all things Pasta, seafood and French cuisine! I dined amongst my friends and family on homemade Raviolis stuffed with a creamy blend of sun dried tomato, basil and goat cheese all set atop a bed of baby arugla. The sweetest part? They were drizzled with a delectably rich walnut sauce. Yum. I also had a side of steamed spinach marinated in a buttery pepper sauce. The bread they served at the beginning came with this amazing balsamic vinegar and olive oil mix garnished with oregano and parsley. I almost ate the bread and sauce all by myself! It was just that good. For dessert, we came home and had bite size brownie cupcakes and vanilla cake. I got gift cards (for books & clothes) earrings, some money and a few movies. All in all it was a pretty great 26th Birthday. The only thing missing?? ALL OF YOU. Wish you were there. Your warmest wishes, celebratory comments and love, all mean so much. Thank you! You're all in my heart, at all times. xo/ fashion chalet!!

dress: forever 21, necklace & bracelet: mom's/gift, shoes: italian, clutch: vintage, bra: aa

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hawaiian Tropic

Rejoicing these last few months of summer weather. So, I thought why not go for some Hawaiian print brights? I went for the Cat eye makeup look again. Maybe my previous board inspired me after all? :)


Thanks for all of the warm wishes, wonderful comments and beautiful positivity you all always seem to bring into my blog. Have an amazing day, lovelies! xx

*Birthday Outfit post coming soon!

Romper: vintage, Bag: vintage, Jelly Sandals: newport news

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello, Sailor!

A girl standing in casual cotton searches for her Sailor.

Nautical Navy anyone?

Sending you all..................................... of my LOVE!

Tee: AA, shorts: St. John, belt: Vintage, sneakers: Keds, earrings: masha designs.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Superhero or Super Style?

Superheroes and their costumes - ranging from hip hugging latex to primary colored logos - set a new style bar, created an innovative idea and undertook an extraordinary venture into the realm of fashion as we knew it. Whether a Superman or a Wonder Woman, the clothing made the name, rendered respect, and above all, inspired the trailblazing set. Masked identities soon followed suit.

With well recognized labels, such as American Apparel who specialize in shiny spandex and glittering lamé and Luella Bartley for her Catwoman-like editorial in Nylon magazine, the Superhero "effect" is quickly (and just as easily) trickling down into the mainstream. From a casual afternoon rendezvous to partying it up with the night owl set, this trend is altering the masses. The idea is fresh and thus rapidly becoming the most sought after excitement!

From the L.A. club scene to the New York party scene, the "hot spots" are growing more and more accustomed to their clientele accessorizing in Superhero-based themes. Whether bedecked in lamé or clad in face paint, this "look" is fast becoming the norm.

Due to the emergence of street style candids exploding more and more on the internet (The Cobrasnake, The Sartorialist, and Face Hunter - just to name a few) getting creative with your own approach may just help to set you "apart from the crowd" a little bit more.

So, the next time you feel like you need to re-charge your wardrobe, remember that a little shiny this or a little latex that . . . just might do the trick!

For a little more inspiration, check out Christina Aguilera doing her thing at the 2008 VMA's here.

Photos: cobrasnake, tfs, knightcat, starbucks and jane, nylon, google.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Textbook Love

My Birthday is less than a week away. I'm so excited. Can't decide between going out for Greek or Italian that night. Thoughts? I hope I am surprised with a vanilla cake topped off with vanilla frosting, sprinkles and strawberries. OPa!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Foxes Mate for Life

a Teen Vogue thank you!

Outfit, details. Spoken.

Initially inspired by the one and only, Nicole Richie. Of course, I included a little bit of Erika into the look. My own ideas mixed in with the minidress and "lariat" necklace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Top Button Fashion Feature!

Thank you, Tanya at Top Button for choosing to include me in your Fashion feature this month. I am very impressed with both the layout and what you had to say about me. Thanks again! ♥ Source: TopButton.com

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cinderella, You Shall go to the Ball!

I am immediately reminded of the classic Disney cartoon, Cinderella, whenever I am trying on a pair of heels. Whether shopping for some at a Department store or simply slipping into a pair at home, imagery of Cinderella, her fairy Godmother and the infamous glass slipper call to mind. The dress I have on is of the softest denim that I have ever felt. I knew I loved it the instant my eyes fell upon it. The light wash was exactly what I was aiming for. The full skirt was an additional plus! The book I am seen toting about ("How to Walk in High Heels") has everything I'll ever need inside. From Style and Beauty Tips to domestic ideas. I also enjoy reading the quotes carefully placed throughout. I opted for darker eye makeup, as I love accenting my eyes when going out; especially at night. This "set" was taken before meeting up with some friends who were in town for only a couple of days. We had sushi for dinner (I had the miso soup and a veggie wrap!) and then extravagant ice cream sundaes (topped with colorful sprinkles!) for dessert. -----*Photos can be clicked, to enlarge their size.

dress: vintage. belt: barneys new york. heels: aldo. bandeau: aa.

Thanks to S from ModernGuilt for tagging me. *I tag anyone interested* I was told to choose a song which I feel accurately represents my personality and style. So here goes.... <3