Friday, August 29, 2008

A Modern Day Fairytale

What fun I had frolicking about the scene during my younger brother's visit, the photographer behind this very set. Feeling sprite-like, I took it upon myself to pose waterside. As we neared the local theater, he snapped a few extra candids. (We saw "Rear Window" that day.) It was a warm, sunny afternoon filled with fluttering butterflies overhead and a near cloudless sky. I opted for a floaty, cotton frock, from none other than one of my usual haunts; forever 21. Leather flip flops, shining in all their aldo golden glory, adorned my feet. My belt? ...vintage. A colorful pair of shades, I dredged up from a pile at the urban outfitters' post, set the mood just right, with their cheerful golden hue. Ending the day on an even more positive note was my lucky tote, a vintage find I treasure, as it was handmade. ( ♥ ) Hope you are all enjoying the extra long weekend!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

le CHEAP c'est CHIC!

I awoke this morning to a few new comments in my Teen Vogue contest one of which stood out to me the most, from blogger leCheapc'estChic. When I checked out her blog I found an even greater surprise. Myself. In one of her stylish features about fashionable bloggers around the world. She had only the nicest things to say about me, which really made my day that much brighter. My warmest thanks goes out to you, Stephanie. What an incredibly tremendous honor to be included in such a wonderful editorial.

Here is what she had to say:

When something good is discovered, the pleasure one derives from it doubles when there is the possibility of sharing that pleasure. The internet abounds with blogs and this can sometimes make it difficult to find what you're looking for in a blog, or easy to miss the good ones that deserve all the attention they can get. It is therefore that today I am dedicating this post to three fashionistas who inspire me and bloggers around the globe. Cindy, Erika, & Jessica may have a blog and love for fashion in common, but everyday they're bringing their unique ventures in fashion to the blogosphere where the world awaits with eyes wide open.

Erika of fashionchalet embodies the essence of style. She's endlessly creative in her looks which vary from classically elegant (think Audrey Hepburn) to everyday chic (think American apparel and the Olsen twins) and her blog- which is a creative force on its own in terms of documenting her looks- inspires her readers to not only take cues from her innate style, but is a valuable lesson in the how-to's of making budget pieces look phenomenal.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Under The Radar!

Frankie Rayder.

Born Francesca Rayder on January 26, 1975, in River Falls, Wisconsin, she has paved the way for impending models with a little extra edge to their look. I find her off beat beauty to be what makes her most gorgeous. She's a little Mila Kunis reminiscent as well. Is it the eyes or her lips? Hmmm.. not really sure! Frankie is as much part rock and roll as she is part vamp. Her best friends include Kate Moss and her younger sister, "Missy" Rayder, who is also a model. Frankie has a daughter with her fiancée, Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player, Flea. Sunny, their daughter, will turn 3 this October. Some of Frankie's most celebrated ad campaigns include: Chanel, Givenchy and Gucci, just to mention a few. image source: frayder

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pretty Birds... (Have Pretty Feathers)

Excuse the mess in my walk-in, please, as I am in the midst of a move. Hence the cumbersome assortment of miscellaneous piles and boxes strewn about the room. I am reeling with excitement for the new, larger walk-in that awaits me, though. As for my collection? Varying from ankle-high to knee-high, I'm beginning to think it borders on obsession. (Twelve?) pairs... and counting. Hmmm... I wonder how many Kate Moss has? I have seen her in quite a few pairs as well.

Top: vintage (was a dress), Shorts: (vintage) Calvin Klein, Necklace: f21, Boots: Minnetonka.

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Summer Sun, Winter Wind."

As we begin the transition from sunny weather to cooler conditions, I came up with this Collage that incorporated a little bit of both. The shift shall be fun. Let the shedding of cotton jumpers begin, in turn being replaced by chunkier knits. With inspirations deriving from all sides of the spectrum; loose fabrics, bright pops of color and fringe details done up in suede, effortless chic never looked so good. When in doubt? Layer, layer, layer. Rules are made to be broken. Mix Summer with Fall, Winter with Spring. This Season will be all about inventing, experimenting and finding new ways to wear old pieces you once loved and have since forgotten in the back of your closet. There is no wrong, as long as you put your whole self into it. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's ideas. It doesn't get "cold" here, per se, until mid December, sometimes. Wah!
Photo Sources: cobrasnake, lookbook, the sartorialist, tfs, myspace, flickr, and knightcat.

11 Habits.

I was tagged by the lovely Pearls in Your Hair. To name my 11 "Habits."
1. Clothes Shop. American Apparel, forever 21 and vying for an h&m to open up here. 2. Furniture shop. Arhaus. 3. Sweet. Cadbury chocolate. 4. City. Paris. 5. Drink. Water. 6. Music. Soundtracks. 7. TV Series. Wayyyyy too many but Gilmore girls, Lost, and The OC stand out. 8. Film. Say Anything. 9. Workout. Tennis. 10. Pastries. Croissants. 11. Coffee. Mocha or Cinnamon dolce.
I am tagging anyone else who wants to do this too. Have fun with it. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stained Glass Truth, 8.21

It's been a while since I actually left you with another one of my outfit posts. I am so sorry. It's been hectic around here these last couple of days, as I was out of town last weekend and then had to deal with Tropical Storm Fay when I got back. Not very fun. But I'm back home now and online. Hopefully this look will inspire you as you begin your journey back to class, work or whatever. Simple comforts come from cotton!

Tee: Vintage, Cut offs: Blue Cult, Wedges: Bakers, Bag: Vintage, Necklaces: f21.

A little fun video I found to be.. quite inspirational. The creepy factor is there, but still there is something I just love about it too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Style Spot: Selects Fashion Chalet

Part One, Fashion Chalet. Thank you to Sunniva at Style-Spot for the blogger style icon feature. She interviewed me regarding my style favorites, inspirations and a few personal tips. The end result? A fantastic layout incorporating her questions, along with my answers and specifically chosen "looks" from my blog. It couldn't have turned out more beautifully. A warm thank you goes out to her hard work!!!
*Photograph: taken from the

Monday, August 18, 2008

It may rain, but still I see the light

Having ordered my straw fedora a little over a month ago, I only just now realized that Rachel Bilson has the exact same fedora I donned last month in my Blog. Above she is shown in those exact candids (taken a couple of weeks ago) wearing hers. How fun to see one of my favorite peers donning something I purchased without even knowing it was also her latest 'obsession du jour.' In fact, it is that same outfit I am wearing above that was entered and approved for the Teen Vogue snapshot contest entry. Be a dear and vote for me here? Thank you so very, very much to everyone who has already voted for me and to those who intend to do so in the near future... all you need is an email to register.
Sources: JustJared (for candid of Rachel), Urban Oufitters (for the *images I used)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

(8.18) End of Summer / Muse Board

I thought to myself, with summer coming to an end, why not tie in some of the best parts into a Collage? I know many of you aren't looking forward to having to go back to school again (my younger brother included!) Which is why I decided to make this little inspirational "gift" for all of you, my readers, as you head back into classes. From Heath Ledger and Christian Bale; for their impeccable acting and outrageous summer box office sales of "The Dark Knight," to worn in denim street style, fun club pieces, and Runway model garb that surely inspired this Summer. Hopefully this "Muse Board" will inspire you as you get back into school form and have you coming back to my blog for more.
Photo Sources: knightcat, tfs, handitover, the cobrasnake

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Bottled Bohemia"

Impromptu dinner appropriate. As per usual, *Click to enlarge.

( 1 ) dress: vintage. boots: payless shoes. lace bra: intimate apparels.
( 2 ) dress: vintage. boots: vintage. lace bra: intimate apparels. DIY headband.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

8/14: Muse Beat

Taylor Momsen, of the widely popular series, Gossip girl, manages to capture a casual look while implementing street chic with the help of her strappy red flats and alarmingly bright yellow shoulder strap bag. Adding in an off the shoulder tee is key in the summer heat.

Miranda Kerr, Australian model, has the natural, fresh faced beauty down to a Science. It is her poise and elegance that shine through most in this feminine look. From the curve hugging pencil skirt to her romantic top, this classic look is also fun for a dinner date.

Lauren Conrad, of the infamous MTV reality show, The Hills, seems to enjoy translating casual looks into something with a little more flair and oomph. She looks best when she is in natural, solid statement pieces. Her collection varies from stretchy denim to fitted plaid tops. She toys with both flats and heels and adores large leather handbags.

Kate Bosworth, actress extraordinaire, lives for cotton pieces. She takes pleasure in belted tops worn as dresses, funky flats and worn in leather bags. In cooler weather she opts for thick scarves, wooly coats and fitted skinny leg pants. She knows how to play with the perfect proportions for her small frame.

Sienna Miller, actress/model, may get a lot of flack for her mimicry of Kate Moss, but I believe she does her own thing as well. She is definitely a fan of the Bohemian Street look, but she also has a way of working in her own hippie vibes, with peasant tops and messy Heidi-like braids. I am indeed fascinated by her ever multiplying collection of ankle grazing boots.

Mary Kate Olsen, model/actress/CEO/Trailblazer, although her twin sister also has a chic mind of her own worth praising, it’s Mary Kate whom I most admire. There is a kind of free spirit lurking within her that exudes with every stylistic choice she deigns to don. She doesn’t cave to trends; instead she does her own thing. And I commend her for it. Every piece she steps out in is all Mary Kate and nobody else. She isn’t afraid to try something new (spike adorned heels) or something old (faded denim cut offs). To some, her ideas may seem ridiculous or thought of as far too eclectic, but to many, she is Queen when it comes to her styling preferences.

*click to enlarge.
written by:
sources for celebrity candids: justjared

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank you, Raya!!

What a lovely surprise to find this afternoon on Raya's blog. (I'm #3!)
Thank you for the wonderful shout out/feature. And to be among the best!! What you said really warmed my heart and made me smile 10 times over! ♥
The Collage:
What She Said:
3) Fashion Chalet: This girl is the sweetest bloginista. Not only does she have her free spirit style down to a T, she even has time to ensure you get a comment back from her. Her inspiration boards are by far the best ones I have seen, and let me just tell you, if you are in a fashion funk her creations will get you feelin' groovy once again.

source: you're so fetch

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8/12: Milieux Minidress

I am currently listening to ♫ CÉU - Samba Na Sola - ¡Magnifique! ♥

thanks StyleDiscovery for the marvelous *shout out*
*click to enlarge.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Show Me Love??

I just found out today that my entry was approved for the Teen Vogue snapshot contest. All I need are comments. You need to register with an email address and then you can all leave a comment. *Please? So exciting. Thank you!!! ♥. Comment Here..

Friday, August 8, 2008

Athletic Grey +Video.

*click to enlarge.

American Apparel. Shorts: Diy cut offs. Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor. Tee: Under the Canopy. Bangles: Vintage.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Take Two.

The first take is below, was short* and about to cut off 1 minute.
I read regular literature as well, I just went off on a tangent. lol..