Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 in Fashion + BALENCIAGA WINNER

Keira Knightley style, Chloe Sevigny Fashion, New York City, MiU Miu, Topshop Ambush, Mary-Kate Olsen
A quick round-up of some things that made me smile in 2011:

1. Trips to New York City (taking in Fashion Week, chatting with old friends over Coffee, long walks in Central Park..)
2. Those Miu Miu sandals!!
3. Fashion Models/Icons Who Inspire Me: Anna Selezneva, Chloe Sevigny, and Elena Perminova.
4. Keira Knightley with her amazing sense of style- pulled together, yet effortless.
5. The Topshop Ambush boots, that I cannot seem to STOP wearing. :)
6. Red Velvet Dresses - a Holiday Staple, and, personal favorite!
7. Mary-Kate Olsen always dominated my inspiration boards. This year, to be fair, I'm going to give Ashley Olsen more face-time.

P.S. Aura is doing better, making a little more progress each day. :D

P.S.S. After a Random Drawing Last Night, the Winner of the Balenciaga Arena Giant City Giveaway is... Gemma! With her post here. Congrats! :)

I WISH I had 2,071 bags for all of you...

The rest of you, STAY TUNED for More Amazing Giveaways this year, which mean More Chances to WIN!!! ;)


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