Monday, May 23, 2011

VOGUE Magazine November 1988

Vogue Magazine, Michaela Bercu 1988 Cover, Fashion
Vogue Magazine, Michaela Bercu 1988 Cover, Fashion
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Michaela Bercu, eighteen at the time, was shot for US Vogue in November 1988. This was Anna Wintour's first issue as Editor-in-Chief. The photograper? Peter Lindbergh. His candid approach marked a fresh new take for Cover photography. Michaela claimed to have gained a bit of weight and found the full suit by Christian Lacroix too binding to wear. Instead, she paired the splashy jacket with $40 acid washed jeans. The photo was never intended to be for the cover. She never thought mixing a couture jacket with mainstream jeans would become so impacting. This was the first time jeans were shown on a Vogue cover. As the underlying theme of the issue: "haute but not haughty..." the iconic image made for the perfect visual fit. The styling was ahead of its time and still just as inspiring today. Glamour meets laid-back casual cool. How very Vogue indeed!

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